Days 23-29: Almost done!

Day 23

Some "historical blizzard" we got. I woke up around 4AM and checked outside to see no snow. When I finally woke up around 7:30AM, I thought it was a dream. But nope, we got maybe 4 inches of the forecasted 1-2 feet. Being prepared to be snowed in and get tons done, and then waking up to the reality that you actually may have to go about a regular work day isn't fun!

Luckily, I ended up not having to go to work. My boyfriend did, which was a bummer since I figured we would lounge all day and watch movies. He did get to go in late though, so we made a late brunch and ate together. I spent the rest of the day doing schoolwork, and then went to the gym (which at least was a good thing I wasn't expecting to get to do!)


2 egg scramble with shredded carrots and zucchini, 2 slices of uncured bacon, 1/4 pan-fried plantain, 1/4 avocado, and decaf coffee with butter and coconut oil (pictured before I blended it!)

The Clothes Make the Girl's Favorite Chili with leftover rainbow salad, seltzer

"Minestrone" soup (start with uncured bacon and onions, then add broth and tomatoes and a ton of vegetables-- this one has cabbage, green and yellow squash, potatoes, Swiss chard, and green beans), steak, caramelized onions

Day 24

Day 24 was a big day for me. I finally left a job I had been working for over a year that I didn't love. I won't get into details, because it was a great job working with some wonderful people, but I wasn't inspired and became less motivated as time went on. Fortunately-- almost as if it were miracle--I was presented with an amazing job opportunity working with Kettlebell Kitchen as a nutritionist. A dream job for me-- blending my love of teaching, real food, and Crossfit-- there was no way I could ever pass it up! Also fortunately, my supervisor and coworkers took my news very well, as they truly do wish the best for me!


2 veggie/chicken sausage "quiche," decaf coffee with butter, coconut oil, and collagen

Lunch (not pictured):
Leftover chili over mashed baked sweet potato and steamed zucchini

Post-workout snack:
Leftover baked chicken thigh

Burger topped with sauerkraut and mustard, caramelized onions, boiled yucca, 1/4 avocado, homemade dill pickle, and salad with tomatoes, green olives, and homemade lime dressing

Day 25

Day 25 was a busy day-- a brand new start. I resigned from my job one day, and began the new one the next. Since my last position was a per diem one, two weeks notice was not needed, so I began the new job right away! This meant a long commute to go into the new office for a meeting, so I prepped most of my meals the night before. I did get stuck in traffic on the way home, and went much longer than I expected to without food-- this is where stashing emergency snacks in your purse comes in handy: sitting in bumper to bumper traffic over an hour away from home!


Breakfast (not pictured): 
1 "quiche" and French press decaf coffee with 1T each of butter and coconut oil

Kettlebell Kitchen's Walnut Arugula Pesto Chicken

100 calorie pack raw almonds

Smoky baked chicken, baked potato, roasted cauliflower, and salad with homemade dressing

Day 26

I took a little "mental health day" for my sanity, but ended up working the whole day. I simultaneously caught up on schoolwork, while making face scrubs (I also have my own business with my cousin!) in between lectures! Honestly, my cousin did most of the work, but I was there for mutual support and an extra hand in jarring and labeling! And I did make us coffee and heat up lunch though :) Because it was such a busy day, and I was home alone for dinner, having a Kettebell Kitchen meal was a Godsend (I really despise cooking on Friday nights!) 


2 sunny side up eggs, pan fried yucca with smoked paprika, "herbal coffee"

Decaf coffee with cocoa powder, collagen, butter, and 1/2 banana

Leftover minestrone soup over boiled yucca, leftover smoked chicken

Kettlebell Kitchen Beef Hot Pocket

Day 27

I woke up early to go to Crossfit with my cousin and friend who were trying a class for the first time! I came home to an awesome brunch cooked by my boyfriend. We spent the day around the house, and that night I went to dinner with 3 of my oldest friends at one of my favorite restaurants and then hung out with them at 1 of their new apartments. I admit, I was tempted by the sangria they were drinking, but I was good, I promise!


Breakfast/pre-workout (not pictured): 
Decaf coffee with cocoa powder, collagen, coconut oil, butter, and 1/2 banana

2 sunny side up eggs, uncured bacon, mashed sweet potato pan fried in coconut oil, 1/4 avocado

Leftover chili topped with fried egg, salad with vinegar and herbs

Dinner (not pictured):
At UNoodles with friends: "Sink Salad" minus the corn and oil/vinegar instead of dressing (Mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, hardboiled egg, avocado) and Grilled strip steak with mushrooms and rosemary potatoes

Day 28

Superbowl Sunday. A day most people throw any semblance of healthy eating totally out the window. Chips, chili, spinach dip, fried chicken wings, 6 foot heroes, pizza, cheese and crackers-- all the doughy, fatty, cheesy, dense foods you can think of... and beer, lots of it. But Superbowl Sunday is actually pretty easy to keep "paleo" or Whole30--- we did it last year, and we did it again this year! Many Superbowl foods and snacks can easily be made sugar/grain/dairy free, with a little creativity and some recipe help! We spent the first half day at the gym, then cooked food to bring to our friends' house. We made buffalo cauliflower, baked chicken drumsticks and wings, "ranch" dip (using homemade mayo), and jalapeno mango sauce.

Our Superbowl menu consisted of:

  • Plantain chips

  • Salsa

  • Homemade guacamole

  • Twice baked stuffed sweet potatoes

  • Meatballs

  • Chicken drumsticks/wings

  • Buffalo cauliflower

  • Ranch dip

  • Jalapeno mango sauce

  • Eggplant dip

Everything was delicious, and truly did not make you feel as if you were lacking anything. That's why Whole30 is so great-- if you put some effort into it, all your food tastes just as-- if not, more-- amazing than non-Whole30 food. Sure, a beer would have been nice... but we all stayed accountable-- we made it this  far, why quit now? 


Breakfast/pre-workout (not pictured):
Decaf coffee with strawberry banana baby food pouch (don't knock it till you try it!), butter and coconut oil

Roasted potato wedges, egg scramble with shredded zucchini and leftover caramelized onions and mushrooms, 2 pieces of uncured bacon (not shown because I shoved them in my mouth as soon as I walked in the door!)

Snack (not pictured):
Plantain chips with salsa and guacamole

Dinner(not pictured):
Chicken drumstick, meatballs, buffalo cauliflower, 1/2 stuffed sweet potato

"Dessert" (not pictured):
Coconut covered dates


Day 29

Another snow day. Ironically, my first "real" day working from home. So, my whole family was off work/school, and I was working. But I'm not complaining at all-- I actually had a really great, productive day. And being able to work in sweats, in the comfort of my own home, and actually have a hot breakfast and lunch, is amazing. I worked from mid-morning to early evening, and as I worked, my boyfriend cooked up a storm. We had a nice early dinner (for once) and then watched a movie and went to bed early. If only every day could be like this (plus the gym!). Whole30 is so much easier when you don't have to pack food to bring to work! Too bad it's day 29, but the good news is that my mostly-Whole30 way of eating will be super easy from here on out! 


2 sunny side up eggs over steamed zucchini leftover stuffed sweet potato

Mid-morning (not pictured):
Decaf coffee with 1/2T each of butter and coconut oil, about 1/4 banana

Ground beef in tomato sauce topped with mashed plantains

Paleo raisin meatballs (using egg and almond flour instead of bread/flour) and homemade sauce over zucchini "noodles" and green beans

All that's left is Day 30.. and of course, a methodically reintroduction phase! Sure, there are foods I want that I haven't had in the past month, but I don't really find myself craving anything particular unless someone mentions it. Plus, I really want to use this experience as an experiment on myself, and reintroduce only certain foods, one at a time, to see how my body reacts. Up first for me will be grass-fed dairy, since I really do miss being able to just brew coffee and use heavy cream instead of having to take out the blender each time! Then maybe some non-gluten grans in the form of rice (I do miss sushi!) I don't plan to add gluten-containing grains back in at all, or even non-gluten grains except for a once-in-a-while thing. I just think it will be interesting to see what happens when I go through reintroduction!